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Projects and Funding

"Innovation projects are the most relevant expression of a company's innovation activity, but not the only one"

(Guinea et al.)


Analysis of user behaviour to define Active Demand Management models. Being developed jointly with IBERDROLA Distribución.


Coordination actions for the development of best practices in the performance of probabilistic safety analyses.


Study and development of equipment for storage in lithium-ion batteries for services provided to the electricity system, for grid stabilisation, backup systems for generation plants and the integration of renewable energy.


Combined cycle CAES technology analysis in order to assure an efficient, reliable energy storage for wind farms, allowing a better demand management and an enviromental improvement in enegetic proccess.


Comprehensive development of research areas related to marine energy: energy resource, devices, power transmission, operation and environmental aspects.


Full analysis of the microalgae farming, harvesting and recovery life cycle. Application to CO2 capture. Conceptualisation of self-sufficient and sustainable urban environments


Managing invasive species that hinder operation by macrofouling water from the sea at generation plants. Study on the use of CO2 captured from combustion gases and using it as a means of inhibiting the growth of zebra mussel larvae.


Extended characterisation of energy efficiency analyses and assessment of efficiency improvement through the incorporation of renewable energy generation, storage or micro-grid systems into urban environments.


Extrapolation of conclusions and recommendations for the implementation of new smart grids and their implications for the integration of renewable energy and new services for customers. Being developed jointly with IBERDROLA Distribución.


Design, implementation and testing for powering equipment on high-voltage pylons.


Research and development of advanced systems for managing energy in buildings, with distributed battery-based accumulation systems that enable Zero Energy Buildings.

ExtraDIS y ExtraSUPER

Development of methodologies for extracting added-value compounds from micro-algae. Development of the system and improvement.


Design, prototyping and tank-testing of a TLP floating foundation, for offshore wind farm foundations at great depths.


Large-scale demonstration of advanced smart grid solutions, with high replicability and scalability throughout Europe. Being developed jointly with IBERDROLA Distribución.

HVDC Offshore Platforms

Study on ways to reduce costs at offshore platforms with HVDC technology, by optimising installation resources and offshore operations.


Design of an offshore farm based on the high-performance HiWave system developed by CorPower Ocean. Energy assessment of the device and of mooring systems and feasibility study for an offshore farm using this technology.


Development of an integrated platform for monitoring and managing projects at international level.


Development of the panels (blankets) that make up the first containment barrier of the core in the ITER Experimental Fusion Reactor and validation of the new joining, covering and sensorisation technologies for this application.


Development and optimisation of offshore substations, with research into new electrical equipment with improved distribution, and the development of new self-installing resources so as to minimise operations at sea.


Analysis of applications for new storage systems associated to renewable energy generation facilities. Technical-economic feasibility study on requirements, technical solutions and network environments for use.


Development of an energy storage system based on advanced lead-acid batteries, together with the control systems.


Design and construction of a prototype for segregation and capture of exhaust gases in generation plants, especially CO2, through their ionisation and magnetisation.


Assessment of enhanced storage alternatives in critical usage environments. Use as energy backup for generation plants.


Development of a system-scale prototype for CO2 capture through physical-chemical adsorption. Development of the carbon capture system and auxiliary components. Collaboration with AINIA, Polytechnic University of Madrid and NIVA Institute, Norway.


Conceptual design of the demonstration facility for the remote handling devices of the Testing Modules of the Breeding Blanket (TBM) in the ITER ports.


Analysis of the feasibility of the design of the TECHNOFUSIÓN acceleration facility, and identification of those aspects of the facility's design that pose the greatest technological risk.


Study on the applicability of a TLP-type floating platform solution for offshore wind generators in UK waters.


Research and development of tensioned mooring systems for floating platforms based on TLP systems, with broad application to wind offshore business, for a competitiveness increase and risk reduction in design, construction and deployment tasks.


Automated system for identification of elements in electrical substations and its incorporation into computer-assisted engineering tools (3D-CAE).


Full development and modelling of a wave energy harnessing device (OWC). Definition of the farm conditions and energy quality for an installation based on this technology.


Demonstration project to determine and share the procedures, technological advances and best practices that contribute most to increasing the capacity of electricity grids to incorporate distributed renewable energy generation. Being developed jointly with IBERDROLA Distribución.